Our 2015 Changes Have Been a Success!

It's been an exciting year! Our production of video advertising and use of visual concepts have been a hit. More and more businesses are starting to realize the importance and the effectiveness of communicating via video. Visit our Blog for small business tips and tutorials. Please contact us for pricing.

Need a Social Media Consultant? Check out Woz Marketing. Feel free to email Lisa directly at lisa@wozmarketing.com.

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What Does iBrand Your Business Do?

iBrand Your Business creates a recognizable brand for your business. We have the creativity factor for creating a professional presence that you can be sure to show off to the world. We are a graphics design company helping clients brand their online presence to be recognizable. A presence that is consistent no matter if they're online or offline.

Hi, we are the iBrand Your Business team! Bringing you all we possibly know of what it takes to get your business branded. We design and/or develop from your logo, social media branding, eBooks, promotional items, marketing pieces, advertisements, and all the way to education through FREE DIY Online YouTube tutorials. We do all of this to get you through today's barrier that prevents a professional image both online and offline. So many wish they could just have one place to go... YOU'VE GOT IT HERE!

We know how to create visual concepts that will inspire, inform, and captivate. You will notice throughout the site that we love fun and humor. If we can't LOVE what we do, then we shouldn't be branding your business! But we DO! WE LOVE IT!

With business always evolving we are in the midst of changing our packages. Please contact us for pricing for your project needs. Effective January 2015, we will no longer offer website development services, local listings, or email marketing services. We are so excited that we will be concentrating on graphic designs, visual concepts, marketing pieces and video production for the web.

One of the bonuses you get when working with us is that you actually learn to maintain a professional and consistent image for your online and offline presence. Make sure you check out our FREE tutorial videos in the “Tutorials” section of our blog.

When you're here, it's crystal clear what you get.  Don't forget to check out some of our work under the "Our Portfolio" tab, so you can see all the cool stuff we've done in the past! Hope we meet you soon!

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